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Arts & Crafts Terms and Condition



  • Vendors are required to participate ALL 3 days of the Festival.
    • Friday & Saturday – 10am-6pm
    • Sunday – 10am–5pm


  • Vendors are required to be open at 9:45am all 3 days


Set-up Requirements

  • Bring proper 10x10 tent- weights for all four corners of your tent.  Stakes are NOT allowed on pavement for any reason
  • Come equipped to be on pavement as very few booths are located on grass
  • Vendor set-up is Thursday.  An email will be sent providing your booth location, check-in location and set-up time. 
  • Every vendor is required to check-in at their designated location
  • No tent awnings
  • No generators


Product Requirements

  • Only approved items listed on your application (no additions) can be displayed and sold
  • Vendors are required to keep merchandise (including inventory) within their assigned booth space
  • Arts & Craft Vendors shall display/sell items that are deemed home crafted. Products handmade in another region or country do not qualify as homemade.
  • Vendors selling edible products must provide a Liability Insurance Certificate that lists the Clinton Fall Festival as an additional insured (minimum policy of $1,000,000).  Certificate must be received with payment.



  • Designated off-site parking is available for vendor vehicle and trailers
  • Off-site camping is available



  • Security is provided during the Festival.  Local and County officers are on-site 24 hours from Friday – Sunday.