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Special Events (Clinton Queen)

Clinton Queen 2017

Clinton Fall Festival Queen's Contest Rules

1. Age Limit: 15-25
2. Applcation online or by mail - deadline: September 1st, 2017
3. There will be NO entrance fee required.
4. There will be an orientation meeting before the interviews regarding wardrobe, rules and regualtions. talent check and answering      questions.
5. Applicant MUST either: live in Clinton or in the Clinton School District, or work in Clinton, or be graduate of Clinton Schools, or      attend Clinton Schools.
6. Requirements: Application, Pre-pageant interview, Opening dance number (not judged), Interview, Talent, Evening Gown, On Stage Question.
7. Winner WILL: represent Clinton for the remainder of the festival, appear in the Parade, perform in the Variety Show, represent the Clinton Fall Festival in various County events, and crown the next year’s Queen.
8. Winner will receive Queen’s Tiara, Queen’s sash, trophy, and a Clinton package (cash prize and other Clinton items).
9. The Queen Contest will take place 3:00-4:30 Saturday of Fall Festival weekend at the Bandshell.
You can download the application form here .

Clinton Queen 2015 Lindsey Branscum: