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Vendors (Lost & fine Arts)

Take a stroll back into history as you visit our Lost and Fine Arts display located at the Clinton Community Center on Tecumseh - Clinton Road. The Community Center, donated to the village of Clinton in 1958, dates to the early 1840 era and is an example of Greek Revival Architecture. Stained glass windows are prominent and are one of the former home's main features.

You will see the arts come alive as artist demonstrate everyday customs of our grandparents and great grandparents. Bring your children and let them relive history as they share what it used to be like living in the "good old days:"
We encourage new demonstrators so if you would like to join us at the Clinton Fall Festival you can register online by clicking on the following link: Lost & Fine Arts Online Registration .

To receive an application send photos of the lost art you demonstrate, name and address, and a self addressed stamped business size envelope to the following address:

Clinton Fall Festival
Attention: Lost and Fine Arts Committee
PO Box 205
Clinton, MI 49236

If you have other concerns or questions call our office #1-517-456-7396.
You can also email us at

Note: All Vendors must setup and start 15 mins before show starts (by 9:45 a.m.).